My dear APPNA family:

The time has come to deepen our roots and broaden our reach. Through increased membership engagement and advocacy , we can elevate APPNA,s impact to the grassroots level, making a tangible difference in healthcare and Philanthropy. Let us forge ahead with a unified purpose , united in our commitment to service , empowerment and creating lasting change.

Vision For APPNA

To make APPNA financially viable and self-sufficient through alternate source of revenues.

Collaborative membership model, a combined model of membership for APPNA, Alumni, chapters, and specialty service line.

A complementary membership cards to all the residents and fellows to involve them in APPNA from the beginning.

A vision of Inclusion, engagement, and empowerment to build the trust in the membership.

To establish APPNA college of medicine to streamline medical education, research, and training.

To revise APPNA foundation by-laws to streamline all philanthropic work of APPNA under one umbrella.

To hire a grant writer to secure the grants from other organizations for APPNA foundation for its philanthropic work.

To improve the management and operations in APPNA to build a culture of accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

To strengthen and increase the specialty service lines in APPNA, these are gold mines of APPNA.

To promote Medical Tourism in Pakistan through the skill & knowledge transfer in Pakistan.

To encourage the leadership positions for women, North American graduates, and Canadian members.

Community development through the advocacy and involvement in the communities at gross root level.

Advocacy of physician’s issues in collaboration with other national organizations.

To develop a comprehensive plan for media, communication, and social media policy for APPNA.

Muhammad Sanauallah, MD

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