Why should you vote for me?

My Dear APPNA family,

It is with great honor and excitement that I present my candidacy for APPNA Board of Directors 2024.

With a proven track record of elevating healthcare organizations, empowering and uniting communities, I bring an inclusive and innovative leadership and vision needed to take APPNA to new heights.

By voting for me, you’re investing in innovative healthcare leadership, youth empowerment, community development and preparing APPNA for the next generations.

  • Proven Healthcare Leader: I am the CEO of expanding healthcare organization, the Chief Medical Officer of a top Oklahoma healthcare system, and the past President of Nishtar Alumni.
  • Youth Empowerment: As I believe in youth empowerment, I helped transform Nishtar Alumni, involving younger physicians, resulting in an executive committee comprised of young leaders for many years.
  • Successful APPNA Committee Leadership: I have contributed to various APPNA committees as chair and Co- Chair notably, APPNA Spring meeting, Winter meeting, ¬†Scholarship Committee, Membership committee ¬†and currently leading APPNA Foundation.
  • Scholarship Committee: I managed more than $3M scholarship fund as Chair APPNA Scholarship Committee, established uniform selection criteria, and transformed the lives of many medical students.
  • Record-Breaking Spring Meeting 2022: During APPNA Spring Meeting 2022, I as Chair with my team organized the highest-attended meeting and raised $400,000 in sponsorships.
  • Community Collaboration: Our untiring efforts resulted in an APPNA colon cancer walk with over 300 participants, fostering local hospital cooperation.
  • Active involvement during COVID: I facilitated PPE distribution to healthcare workers during the toughest period of the pandemic, showcasing dedication to community welfare.
  • Visionary Leadership: I believe in the untapped potential of APPNA, and I am committed to unifying members and bringing inclusivity within APPNA so that we can focus on collaborative progress.
  • Vote for Progress: If you value innovative, inclusive, and experienced leadership, please vote to unlock APPNA’s immense potential.

Your Vote, Our Potential Unleashed:
I pledge to raise your concerns and aspirations, driving a merit-driven, all-inclusive approach that empowers each member’s voice, ensuring a stronger, united APPNA that thrives on shared success.

Muhammad Sanauallah, MD

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